Aircrest Motel

Larry McConnell, Owner, Aircrest Motel

Aircrest Motel Port Angeles History

The Aircrest Motel first opened for business in the early 1960s and has been in continuous operation from that date.

The Owners & Managers

My name is Larry McConnell and I have owned and operated the Aircrest Motel since 1988.

I attended High School in Silverdale Washington and was raised in the Hood Canal area.  After graduation, I like many young me went into the Military.  I went to Alaska and worked on the Radar Stations both BMEWS  and DEWLINE in Alaska and the Ice Cap of Greenland.

After the approval of the Trans Alaska Pipeline I went to work as a Buyer for Bechtel Corp.   Nearing the end of the project it was time to move on again and this time to the Arabian desert and was employed by a contractor for ARAMCO. 

While working in Saudi Arabia I made my home in Thailand to which I returned every 4 months.

Then, back to the US in 1988  I purchased the Aircrest Motel and have been operating it every since.

My passion when time permits is to travel back to Thailand and see other parts of the world.

Aircrest Motel History - Photo from 1960s

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